Aerial Drone Cinematography

Have you ever seen 4k Raw footage filmed from an aerial drone? It is mind-blowingly beautiful. Whether it’s for the purpose of capturing footage for full-length movie releases, professional commercials, real estate videos, or maybe even a high-quality home brew film project, Box Studio’s aerial drone cinematography is your best choice. We have 10 years of experience in the film production industry and offer high-quality, end to end solutions. We have offices in Sydney and LA, where our service teams will be happy to meet any of your requirements. We try to always go above and beyond, and therefore make it a rule that all of the work is done in house from our top post production studio facilities.  
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Latest Technology

With the latest technology, involving dual operator state of the art drone technology with separate focus options for the focus puller and live playback of video footage whilst in the air, you are in complete control. If you would prefer to have a trained professional capture the footage you need, then hand the remote over to our experienced pilots who specialise in film and television. Drones can capture the world in a way that nothing else can. With such a responsive and versatile tool, your outdoor filming needs will be met creatively and professionally. Our cameras provide high-end aerial cinematography for TV, film and commercials recording in 4k Raw, our highest quality format yet. They also have integrated lens and filter options and, if this is not enough specialisation for you or your production requirements, we can also process and colour grade the footage in our Davinci Resolve grading suite. Considering that you will be fully insured with Public Liability cover for 20 million dollars, you really have everything to gain by trusting The Box Studios’ expertise and our amazing range of products.  

We offer a Professional Aerial drone footage solution for Film, Television, Corporate, Real Estate & Music Videos. Our Drones film in 4k to 8k using the latest in cinema camera technology recording in a raw lossless format to give you the world’s best footage available to date. Our Drones have the ability for multi operator with optional steering wheel gimbal & camera motion control. Multi real time monitoring for Director and crew in full HD. Our pilots are trained by military drone pilots so you can be sure that our experienced pilots and cinematographers will get the right shots for your projects.

We have just added the latest in drone technology from DJI. The Inspire X5R which shoots 4k uncompressed Raw footage and can have interchangeable lenses and filters. No need to blow your budget flying our larger drones when this drone takes 2 minutes to setup and fly whilst achieving exceptional results comparable to our larger format cameras at a fraction of the price. The main difference between this drone and flying our cinema cameras such as the Red Dragon is the ability to use cinema glass on the camera. The lenses that can be used on the inspire are exceptional and we are confident that when you see the raw footage from this camera it will be your preferred choice every time you need Hollywood style aerial footage without blowing your budget. We are licensed and insured with twenty million dollars public liability which is required for most aerial shoots. We also offer an aerial location scout service for those difficult shoots where accessibility is difficult or too expensive to obtain just for a location scout.

When it comes to your next aerial project get in touch with us so we can discuss your project in great detail and help you achieve a successful outcome.

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