Music Video Production

Music Videos / Video Clips have now come the essential ingredient contributing to an artist’s success. Record labels might argue that a music video is more important then the song itself.  Thanks to the popularity of the internet, music videos have the ability to capture an audience that was previously unreachable. Overnight, unknown independent artists have become world wide stars just from their music video going viral. No longer do major record labels have the hold on the industry and no longer does an artist need to sign a major record deal. Radio play although still important, it is no longer the driving factor contributing to an artists success. Online presence is now the key factor to an artists success.  A music video offers a great way to gain world wide exposure, resulting in an increase of fans whilst re-enforcing your brand. Music Videos do not have to be expensive and can have great success regardless of their budget. Just be sure to hire a professional music video production company such as The Box Studios. The Box Studios is the first choice by Major and independent Record Labels through out Sydney and Los Angeles. By hiring The Box Studios, you will have the best chance at obtaining the highest quality music video for your budget, whilst obtaining your overall vision.  

What we can offer:


Filmed on State Of The Art Digital Cinema Cameras such as the Red Dragon and Arri Alexa

Pre Production which includes Treatment and Story Board

Location Scouting

Professional Editing

Colour Grading on Davinci Resolve

Green Screen

Lighting Design

Special Effects


Make-up artist & Stylist

Still photography

Working in collaboration with you and/or your team we will produce a music video that you will be proud of. So you want a music video?


With videos often driving audience scope more than the audio, having a great clip can really put you on the map. If you are already there, however, then you want to maintain output whilst remaining cost-effective. Working with The Box Studios promises you the highest production value, whilst simultaneously charging the most competitive rates for our services. We own all of our cutting-edge equipment, including the latest drone technology, reducing our costs since we don’t have to rent the gear, and yours because we will never charge you for the rental on top of our expertise. We go straight to the source and provide you with everything we have to produce outstanding quality results.
Reliable, professional video production With an existing ten year foothold in the music video business, both in terms of directing and recording video and in mixing and mastering audio, The Box Studios has proven itself to be skilled and trustworthy. Our team of highly experienced professionals will be there every step of the way to guarantee the highest quality of production and provide end-to-end solutions for your needs. The fact that we will cost you less than other production studios is a sign of our business vision and our aptitude to create a beneficial working environment for all involved parties. For even the lowest budget package, we guarantee that you will still receive the best service and equipment, never compromising the quality of our work. And beyond the filming and audio equipment, we also manage the whole of post-production in-house, allowing us to consistently manage, coordinate and evaluate the purpose and quality of our work. For details on exactly what equipment and services that we can provide, go to our rentals page. To get in touch with either of our offices, call us in Sydney at 0401-762-372, and in Los Angeles at 1-213-412-0541.