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$150 per day

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CamDolly – Comes with Flexible Track optional heavy duty Straight tracks extra Cost


  • Arcing orbital dolly
  • Doorway dolly
  • Slider dolly
  • Straight, curved, or flexible track dolly

All in one package. Can take any camera weight this is a super heavy weight dolly. Use with your current tripod and tie down with Cable Ties or Jockey Straps.
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$400 Per Day Crane and Tripod only
$700 Per Day With Remote Head, Battery, Zoom and Focus Control
Zoom and Focus Control

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ProAim-16ft jib crane package with pan tilt head D-33 dolly

Package can be supplied as Crane Only
->  Camera Platform
->  Rear control Section
->  Stress cable
->  E-Focus & Zoom Controller
->  Proaim Carrying Case for Jib Arm & Stand
->  Proaim Custom-fit Suitcase for Accessories
Pan Tilt Motorized Head with Accessories

->  Joystick Box
->  Foam Packing with Bag
->  12 volt AC Adapter
->  Universal Adapter
->  16ft long cable with XLR connector for Joystick & Motors
->  1.5 meter long cable with connector for using Battery on Field
->  Foam Packing with Bag
Heavy Duty Stand (HD-STD)
D-33 Dolly
Zoom Controller
Spreader & feet
Libec Lanc Controller
Power / Battery Pack

->  Pelican Case
->  12v chloride battery
->  Charger


$150 per day

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Heavy Duty Dolly Straight Tracks 1.5m each length

600kg load 38mm 3 X 1.5M Sections Camera Tracking Dolly


$35 per day

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Two Rolls of Heavy Duty Curved Dolly Tracks


$30 per day

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Dslr Car Mount Suction Type

Made for Dslr Cameras such as Canon 5d etc


$25 per day

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C Stand Standard Size



$100 per day

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Wooden Camera

Modular shoulder rig based on ARRI standard dovetail. Black Leather ergonomic grips. Threaded holes on Shoulder Pad and Safety Dovetail for attaching accessories such as monitors, rod clamps, cheeseplates, battery mounts, and more.

Handle Bar
Safety Dovetail (12″)
Shoulder Pad